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Friday, May 23, 2008

House Increases Funding for After School Programs

Since our last blog entry, the Senate and House Committee on Ways and Means, the Joint Committees on Education and Children, Youth and Families as well as other members of the Massachusetts Legislature have been examining the Special Commission's report and its recommendations in advance of the FY09 budget debate. This internal process allowed elected officials and their staff the opportunity to better understand the value of afterschool in the lives of the Commonwealth's children and youth.

As a result of this thoughtful process, the Massachusetts House of Representatives finalized their budget for FY09 on May 3. It is exciting to share that several statewide initiatives that fund afterschool programs saw important increases. This is particularly exciting considering the current fiscal climate in the state.

Representative Marie St. Fleur, the Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Special Commission on After School and Out of School Time, was successful in her efforts to increase funding for the Afterschool and Out-of-School Time (ASOST) Program Quality grant from $2M last year to $5M this year.

The Shannon Grant Program which provides funding for afterschool programs as part of its gang prevention efforts, saw a $2M increase from last year. Now $13M is available for funding statewide instead of $11M.

The Department of Public Health's Youth Violence Prevention grant also received more funding - $3M this year versus $2M from last year.

The Extended Learning Time Initiative also received more funding in the House budget. Funded last year at $13M, now $17.5M is available statewide to continue to help schools lengthen their school day.

The Senate passed their version of the budget on May 22. Additional information will be forthcoming about the status of the above afterschool program line items finalized in the Senate budget next week.

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